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When I turned 40 last year I was surprised to discover that in the US (State of Illinois) you are referred to start having mammograms. In New Zealand the age is 45 and in the UK it is 50, so this seemed quite early. However, with breast cancer such a major issue for women of […]

In the UK, childcare options were pretty much a no-brainer. Everyone I knew had a minimum of six months’ paid maternity leave and most took the additional six to make it a full year. Everyone went back to work, either part or full time and almost all put their kids into nursery. Some nurseries were […]

When I heard we were moving to Chicago with our nearly 1 year old daughter, I was quite excited to experience the amazing US healthcare. I had heard these wonderful stories about sumptuous waiting rooms, being seen at the exact time of your appointment and the ability to choose between a huge range of practitioners. […]

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