smartphone apps

There are a range of apps and websites which encourage healthy living, here are five that stand out from the crowd.

As an expat family abroad, smartphone apps and interactive websites can provide a wealth of information on health and well-being. No language barriers, tricky paperwork or waiting rooms, the rise of the health app has made daily healthcare advice and tips available to everyone. Here are some of the best for general family health.

Restaurant Nutrition

This app contains more than 60,000 restaurant meal details, from calorie information to fat content. Users can save their favourite meals and use the tracker to keep count of the calories.
Price: Free, but a paid version is available with additional features.
Available: iPhone, Android


Developed by a team of dermatologists, mathematicians and computer scientists this handy app tracks daily UV exposure according to your location. It can also analyse moles sent from your smartphone camera. You can store your pictures in an archive and check for changes after 6 months.
Price: Free for the first two weeks, £2.99 after that.
Available: iPhone, Android


The “game that gets families moving”, by using a Zamzee meter ($29.95) families can track their activity and upload it to the site. Kids are encouraged to monitor their progress and win rewards the more they move. Not strictly an app, but a fun idea nevertheless.

Star Teeth

This app aims to make tooth brushing fun and not a chore. Different characters brush their teeth at the same time as your kids, all with a catchy song in the background. It also includes a manual on correct brushing technique for parents.
Price: Free
Available: iPhone, iPad

Smash Your Food

This is an educational game which teaches kids the about the calories, sugar and salt that are present in their junk favourite foods. Targeted to an American market it features some commonly eaten foods and allows kids to “smash” them while learning about their nutritional value. Developed with the knowledge informed kids make healthier food choices.