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Withdrawn, irritable, sleepy. This could be any teenager at some point, but these signs are also symptoms of teenage depression. “The difference between normal teen moodiness and clinical depression is very hard for lay people to discern,” says Ken Duckworth M.D., medical director of the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Teen depression is more common […]

The second annual World Happiness Report was released towards the end of last year, identifies the happiest countries in the world by looking at a range of criteria. Leading experts in several fields – economics, psychology, survey analysis, national statistics, and more – describe how measurements of well-being can be used to assess the progress […]

There is a lot of advice around on how to help your children adjust to moving abroad. Schooling, making friends, leaving family behind, learning a new language etc. But, what happens when you decide to move back home? Repatriation, or returning home, can be a struggle for children, especially those who feel closer to their […]

Expatriates are at a higher risk of mental health problems and substance abuse issues than non-expats, according to recent research. As an expat settling into a new culture and way of life is daunting. It isn’t surprising many have reported suffering from anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. Throw a family into the mix […]

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