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Whether it’s the vast amount of money floating around in the economy, or the incredible air of alluring mystique that the largest country in the world holds, there’s no denying Russia is a hugely desirable destination for expats. However some things never change, and bureaucratic entry requirements can still be reminiscent of the years of […]

This is the second article in our series looking at the health requirements for moving to certain countries. The first post covered Australia, a reasonably simple country regarding visa health requirements, even a pre-existing condition won’t necessarily mean an application refusal. For China, an increasingly popular destination for expat assignments and English teachers looking for […]

This is the first in a new series of posts examining the health requirements for long-term visas in different countries. This week we will look at Australia, a regular competitor in top expat destination polls. Anyone thinking of moving to Australia will be aware of the strict visa requirements. Australia enjoys high standards of health […]

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