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Kuwait is in the process of passing a bill which if approved will mean that expatriates living in the country no longer have access to the public health care services. The idea behind this is to lessen the strain on the governmental budget in light of the drop in international oil prices. Nearly 3 million […]

Living and working abroad presents a whole host of opportunities, but what is often forgotten or overlooked are the challenges you will inevitably face. We all know that stress, relationship problems and mental health issues are difficult to deal with and can affect work performance. An expat not only has these issues to deal with […]

If you are living in your own country, you take out health insurance with a local trusted provider; this much is obvious. If you decide to travel for a few months on end, you buy travel insurance to cover you for the time you are away – this is a no brainer. So why do things […]

Hopping on a plane is the easy part, making sure your health insurance extends as far as your wanderlust takes you however, is not so simple. Big international insurers offer “all encompassing” health insurance plans which cover you across a large number of countries but are limited in terms of flexibility.

Now that the summer is over and children are heading back to school around the world, it might be a good idea to dust off your insurance policy and check that your family is covered for any injuries your child might obtain at school. Although teachers and supervisors are present, children have an uncanny ability […]

No Maanvi Singh, you are not the only “clueless 20 something here”. In her article entitled “Defeat by Deductible: Millennials aren’t hip to health insurance lingo” Singh explores the surprising ignorance of the younger generation in the States. Her article summarises results of a study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania. 30 recent college graduates […]

Pacific Prime, an international health insurance broker, have put together a report entitled “The cost of health insurance in top expat destinations”. This report compares the prices of three types of health insurance plans, i.e individual, couple and family plans, offered by 11 international insurance providers to calculate the average prices in the top 6 […]

Whatever the reasons for moving country, whether it be for work or pleasure, health insurance should be of paramount importance to everyone. As an expat, standard travel insurance is not inclusive enough, although it can cover travel among several different countries on a short term basis, it will not offer the complete health coverage an […]

When choosing an international health insurance plan, the jargon used can make the whole process seem more than a little baffling. Here is a list of phrases that will be useful to know when researching your health insurance options. Co-payment (Co-pay) is a small fixed amount, determined by the health insurer, that the insured person must pay […]

A health insurer in the UK has launched a ‘multi-family’ product which allows one person to buy insurance for multiple family members. WPA say their Multi-Family Healthcare Plan is designed for grandparents to use their accumulated wealth to buy insurance for their family. Baby-boomer grandparents currently give €3.5 billion a year to their grandchildren, fund […]

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