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The 2013 HSBC Expat Explorer survey is out, and Germany comes top as the best place to raise expat children. Out of the 24 countries in the Raising Children Abroad league table, Germany performed the best overall, meaning it isn’t just beating its European neighbours in the economy stakes. The table looks at factors such […]

The back-to-school transition can often be rather difficult for kids after a jam-packed summer. Additional challenges arise if your child is starting a new school year abroad. For this reason, we’ve suggested some steps you can take to help your children stay healthy and settle back into the school routine.

When I arrived in the UK as a wide-eyed backpacker in 1999, I was only intending to stay for nine months. Like many Aussies before me, the plan was to use the UK as a base to earn some money under the Working Holiday Visa Scheme, to use any money saved to see a bit of Europe, and then […]

Expat parents in the UAE are concerned about a new bill that may require all expat children to be put in school. If expat children are found not to be enrolled at school, expats face losing their residency permits. State schools in the UAE have resources for children with minor learning difficulties, there are far […]

According the recently released HSBC Expat Explorer survey, Hong Kong is the healthiest place to raise children. The Raising Children Abroad league table asks expat parents about various aspects of raising children abroad. The health categories include; safety, spending more time outdoors, watching less TV, playing more sports, eating less junk food and spending less […]

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