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On Sunday 26 October, the clocks went back one hour across Europe, North America, New Zealand, South Australia and some countries in South America, marking the end of Daylight Saving Time (DST). In the UK this date marks the end of what is known as British Summer Time, and thus begins the winter routine of […]

Studies show carbonated soft drinks are the biggest single source of calories in the American diet, accounting for seven percent of calories – adding non-carbonated soft drinks brings the total to nine percent. Referred to as ‘liquid candy’ by public health officials, studies show most boys get 15 spoonfuls of sugar a day, and girls […]

A new survey released this week has found British toddlers are more likely to refuse meals than their counterparts across Europe. Over two thirds (69%) of British children under five refuse some food, putting them at the top of the refusal table. The survey, conducted online, polled over 1,000 UK mums and 1,531 mums in […]

There is a lot of advice around on how to help your children adjust to moving abroad. Schooling, making friends, leaving family behind, learning a new language etc. But, what happens when you decide to move back home? Repatriation, or returning home, can be a struggle for children, especially those who feel closer to their […]

Before we moved to France I had a neat list of worries. At the top, competing with ‘what to do about school’ was how to find a good doctor, what to do when we got sick and how to do it in French. If you have children you will want to find a general practitioner […]

Children who are exposed to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) are at risk of problems lasting well into adulthood. For more than three decades researchers have warned of the dangers of children being around ETS. Now a new study, conducted by the University of Arizona, has shown the effects of ETS last long past childhood, independent […]

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