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Vitamin D, used for the development of strong bones and teeth, is essential for healthy toddlers, but does yours get enough? The main source of vitamin D is sunlight, but for countries more prone to grey skies, experts say sunlight isn’t enough. New survey results from the toddler health website,, highlight that the majority (91%) […]

A new survey released this week has found British toddlers are more likely to refuse meals than their counterparts across Europe. Over two thirds (69%) of British children under five refuse some food, putting them at the top of the refusal table. The survey, conducted online, polled over 1,000 UK mums and 1,531 mums in […]

Breastfeeding has featured heavily in the news lately with the controversial Time magazine cover of a woman breastfeeding her three year old son. The cover provoked various online reactions, some in support and others disgusted by the image. While the magazine’s publishers and breastfeeding organisations have backed it, others have reacted angrily. The article was written […]

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