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Insurance coverage for maternity care is mandatory in most individual and small group plans under the Affordable Care Act, extending this coverage where it used to be rare. However, for mums-to-be who prefer the services of midwives and birthing centres there are no guarantees. Around 1 percent of births occur outside a hospital in the […]

Currently, in the individual and family health insurance market there is no standardization of medical services routinely covered in the United States. A variety of important services, varying in necessity and cost, are not included in the benefits of most insurance plans. Healthcare in the United States often appears quite daunting and expensive to expats […]

The United States is one of 23 countries where maternal mortality is rising. According to a WHO report, Trends in maternal mortality: 1990 to 2010, the rate in the U.S. is rising along with countries such as Zimbabwe and Costa Rica.  This could be about to change as the Affordable Care Act comes into effect […]

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