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Have you noticed any specific concerns that expat parents in Qatar tend to have? The biggest concern I’ve noticed expat parents having is in regard to emergency treatment – ‘Who’s the best?’, ‘Where should I go if someone in my family needs emergency care?’. Expats tend to have concerns over the quality of care they’ll […]

Having your first baby can be nerve-wracking. Having your first baby in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language can be absolutely petrifying. At least, at first. In my case, when I found myself pregnant in Vienna, Austria, having my first baby there proved to be just about the best experience I could […]

The style, quality, affordability, and availability of health care were all big thoughts in my mind when my husband and I moved to New Zealand in 2010. I’m a nurse. I would be practising in this system so naturally, I had a curiosity about it. Using it as a consumer, though, wasn’t one of my […]

One frosty day during wintertime in Beijing, I absent-mindedly left the house without a hat. Not that a hat was so important, except for the fact that I had just taken a shower, my hair was still wet and it was the middle of winter. Within minutes my hair was frozen to my head and […]

Before we moved to France I had a neat list of worries. At the top, competing with ‘what to do about school’ was how to find a good doctor, what to do when we got sick and how to do it in French. If you have children you will want to find a general practitioner […]

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