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Recent findings have revealed 60 percent of UK parents are unconcerned about the risk of insufficient vitamin D levels in their children. These figures are worrying health experts who are concerned under-5s in the UK are not getting enough vitamin D due to the lack of awareness. The Generation D report, commissioned by the Vitamin D […]

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, dieting always tops the list. Weeks of festive over-indulgence means that fad diets see a massive spike in January, only for them to fade away somewhere around mid-February. Here are five to avoid this new year if you’re looking to stay healthy in the long term. The 5:2 […]

Keeping your kids healthy nowadays can be a challenge. But what about expats raising a family in the Middle East? Depending on where you live, it can be even harder to eat well. Diets in the Middle East, especially on the Arab peninsula where desert conditions largely preclude the growing of fresh vegetables, have historically […]

As an expat family abroad, smartphone apps and interactive websites can provide a wealth of information on health and well-being. No language barriers, tricky paperwork or waiting rooms, the rise of the health app has made daily healthcare advice and tips available to everyone. Here are some of the best for general family health. Restaurant […]

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