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The 2013 HSBC Expat Explorer survey is out, and Germany comes top as the best place to raise expat children. Out of the 24 countries in the Raising Children Abroad league table, Germany performed the best overall, meaning it isn’t just beating its European neighbours in the economy stakes. The table looks at factors such […]

The culture of overworking in the UK is damaging family life and causing excessive guilt, reports a recent survey. A leading psychologist has called for employers to offer flexible work hours in order to improve employees’ work-life balance. Research commissioned by cash plan provider Medicash (Work vs. Life infographic) found 83% of 1,000 working parents surveyed feel […]

According the recently released HSBC Expat Explorer survey, Hong Kong is the healthiest place to raise children. The Raising Children Abroad league table asks expat parents about various aspects of raising children abroad. The health categories include; safety, spending more time outdoors, watching less TV, playing more sports, eating less junk food and spending less […]

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