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The average premium for a family in the United States in 2012 was $412 per month, a decrease of 0.5 percent from 2011. The results come from the annual report, The Costs and Benefits of Individual and Family Health Insurance, released by eHealth Inc. America’s largest private health insurer. The report also revealed individuals paid […]

Newborn twins medical insurance policy, from New Life Agency, is the first insurance of its type in the world. This global insurance covers the risk of premature birth and medical complications than can come from a multiple birth. “There has been a definite need for twins coverage in the marketplace as more and more global […]

According to a new Commonwealth Fund report, millions of American women still lack sufficient health insurance. In 2010 20 percent (18.7 million) of women aged 19-64 were uninsured. This number has increased from 15 percent in 2000. An additional 16.7 million women were underinsured in 2010, compared with 10.3 million in 2003. The report suggests […]

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