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A study from Sweden and Norway suggests being pregnant over the age of 30 may be riskier than previously thought. The results could change medical thinking about the definition of “older mothers”, report the Guardian The study of almost 1 million new mothers showed women aged 30 or older are at higher risk of having […]

Pregnant women who are exposed to particulate air pollution, caused by vehicles, urban heating and coal power plants, are at greater risk of having underweight babies. The international study, the largest of its kind, analysed data collected from more than three million births over nine nations in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

This year the United States flu season started earlier than usual and some states have been particularly badly hit. In Minnesota 60 people have died due to flu-related complications since the season started in the last week of 2012. National health bodies around the world are encouraging their citizens to get vaccinated against flu this […]

Recent studies have suggested babies can differentiate between the sounds of their native language and a foreign language at only a few hours old. The results indicate babies begin absorbing language while still in the womb, earlier than previously thought. Sensory mechanisms for hearing develop at around 30 weeks in the womb. The study shows […]

A new study has shown children born to women who are exposed to low levels of mercury during pregnancy have a higher risk of developing ADHD-related disorders. On the flip side, women who eat fish during pregnancy have a lower risk of giving birth to a child with these disorders. ADHD is one of the […]

The style, quality, affordability, and availability of health care were all big thoughts in my mind when my husband and I moved to New Zealand in 2010. I’m a nurse. I would be practising in this system so naturally, I had a curiosity about it. Using it as a consumer, though, wasn’t one of my […]

One frosty day during wintertime in Beijing, I absent-mindedly left the house without a hat. Not that a hat was so important, except for the fact that I had just taken a shower, my hair was still wet and it was the middle of winter. Within minutes my hair was frozen to my head and […]

Moving abroad and having a baby can be two demanding experiences in themselves, so how about when the two coincide? We spoke to expat mum Liene, who has had a child on both sides of the Atlantic. How did you find being pregnant and having a baby in France? Pregnancy and childbirth in the USA […]

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