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Spain has the highest life expectancy in Europe, while economically stable Germany lags behind in 16th place. Although average life expectancy has extended to 76, the World Health Organisation (WHO) warned that in the future, life expectancy could decrease due to government cuts on health budgets. “One possible scenario that threatens the increase in life expectancy […]

Have you noticed any specific concerns that expat parents in Qatar tend to have? The biggest concern I’ve noticed expat parents having is in regard to emergency treatment – ‘Who’s the best?’, ‘Where should I go if someone in my family needs emergency care?’. Expats tend to have concerns over the quality of care they’ll […]

According to a recent international study, reading the labels on food is linked to obesity prevention, particularly in women. Data from the U.S. shows women who routinely read nutritional information weigh four kilograms less than women who don’t read the information. The data was taken from the annual National Health Interview Survey (NHIS). This information would […]

One frosty day during wintertime in Beijing, I absent-mindedly left the house without a hat. Not that a hat was so important, except for the fact that I had just taken a shower, my hair was still wet and it was the middle of winter. Within minutes my hair was frozen to my head and […]

When an expat family moves abroad for the first time, as ours did to Moscow 3 years ago, there are many things going through your mind. An issue that is often top of the list is leaving behind your children’s local healthcare providers. Whilst we know we can’t cover every eventuality, it’s human nature to […]

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