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Living abroad with your family, you’re likely to want comprehensive health insurance – having to pay astronomical bills after emergency treatment is simply not an option for most as this can wipe out years worth of savings in one go. Here we’ll tell you the five most important things to look out for when getting […]

For expats, especially families, health care can be a concern when they move abroad. Expat Family Health interviewed Dr. Amanda Barry, an Australian expat who lives in Beijing, about her experience of healthcare in China and what insurance she chose. Amanda, tell us a bit about yourself. My husband and I moved to China about […]

If you’re an expat planning on having a baby you need to make sure you have enough insurance in place to cover the whole process. A good policy will cover prenatal care, complications, delivery and routine newborn care. If you a living in a country with public healthcare of a standard lower than you would […]

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