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Monika, tell us a little about yourself.  I was born and raised in Austin, Texas (USA) and lived there until I moved to Japan at the age of 24. I intended to only stay a year, but life obviously had other plans for me as I am now 32 years old and married to my Japanese […]

When an expat family moves abroad for the first time, as ours did to Moscow 3 years ago, there are many things going through your mind. An issue that is often top of the list is leaving behind your children’s local healthcare providers. Whilst we know we can’t cover every eventuality, it’s human nature to […]

Moving abroad with children can be a difficult process for all involved. There are hundreds of things to consider from schools to housing. Here we talk to Carrie Lupoli, an American expat mum of two young daughters and founder of Live and Learn. How did you find moving to Singapore with a newborn? I imagine moving […]

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