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Suicide is the third leading cause of death in children and young adults between 10 and 24 years old. People tend to think of mental health as something generally affecting adults; after all, adults lead more stressful lives than children do. However, the numbers show that approximately 20% of the world’s youth suffer from some […]

In our media driven society, is it difficult to shield this generation’s children from terrifying events which occur on a daily basis across the globe. As a parent it is your job to reassure the safety of your children, which is easier said than done. In the wake of the tragic terrorist attacks in Paris, […]

Raising a child with special needs, anywhere in the world, is a challenge. Even when you’re in the familiarity of your home country, finding the right education, proper support and help so your child thrives can be difficult. So, what happens when a family is offered the opportunity to relocate? How many families are willing […]

This Halloween marks the one year anniversary of Claudia Winkleman’s own personal horror story when her 8-year-old daughter Matilda’s costume caught on fire after brushing against a candle. In the months after the terrible incident, the British television presenter launched a campaign to raise awareness of the flammability of these costumes. Due to her efforts, […]

Safeguarding your children’s health is one of the major concerns for parents today. Giving your children the right food is key to ensuring they grow strong and healthy. It is so difficult knowing which foodstuffs are best, especially when there is so much conflicting information out there. Often advertisers play on parental health concerns with […]

Even as an adult, though I use the term loosely, I hate homework. Until recently, I had been working as a language assistant, helping to teach English in a Spanish high school, or ‘instituto’. The hours are fantastic, as you are contracted to a 16 hour week with a three day weekend every week. Despite […]

60 million people in Europe are currently living with diabetes. In the UK, new statistics show that the number of people living with diabetes has gone up by 60% in the past decade, reaching over 3.3 million. Importantly, 90% of these cases related to type-2 diabetes, which is typically linked to diet and obesity. Type-2 […]

Parents worldwide can breath a collective sigh of relief. They will be soon relieved of their full-time day care duties as it’s time for their little ones to toddle back to school. Throughout the summer, you could exert a certain degree of control over what your children are eating and ensure they had at least some nutritious and balanced […]

I hate it. You scroll through facebook, seeing as you go countless clickbait ads and pictures of meals that someone, somewhere, took more time picking out a filter for than the actual cooking itself. Its gotten to the point where it’s surely only a matter of time before recipe books start suggesting “walden” for pasta […]

“Eat your vegetables or you can’t leave the table!” Every parent around the world has probably heard themselves say these words to their kids. How exhausting to get them to eat a healthy meal! But should you be forcing them to eat what they don’t like? It seems as though a child might eat anything […]

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