clean screen

Hands off my phone!

Ever lent your phone to a friendly-looking stranger? What about to that one friend whose hygiene habits you’re not quite convinced of?

Well you may want to reconsider who gets to touch your touch screen, as one study shows that 16% of phones have traces of faeces on them.

To be honest, what did you expect? In an age where a surging stream of information is available at our fingertips, not everyone is going to rest just because they’re doing their business.

To the parents out there, this may be of particular concern. While young children are possibly the most frequent screen-users in the family, they aren’t necessarily the best at following all the rules when it comes to washing their hands.

The simple solution to this is to keep your screen clean. Make sure to use a soft, damp cloth which is free of detergents and alcohol, as these can damage your screen. And perhaps think twice about who you lend your phone to in the future…

Image: [Visual Supply]