How do you know how well a health insurance provider takes care of its customers? Read the signs.

If you are relocating abroad, finding the right health insurance is in your To-Do List (or at least it should be!). Most often, price and coverage are the main aspects people compare when deciding upon different companies and policies. However, the one factor that many forget to consider is customer service, which can actually make a difference not only once you are an insured member, but also before enrolling and sealing the deal. Even though it’s complicated to evaluate how well the insurance company takes care of its customers before deciding, there are some signs that can help you make the right choice beforehand.

We spoke to American expat, Robin Klados, to share her experience choosing an international healthcare provider. She says juggling dozens of insurance policies over the Internet was time-consuming and complicated. Customer service can help make the research much easier. In contrast to the often robot-like service, “I found friendly personnel at Integra Global to help answer my concerns and guide me to choose the right coverage.” says Robin. Also, the convenience of being able to carry out all payments and registration online allowed her to complete the insurance process before arriving to the country of relocation.

Things to keep in mind before your decision

  • Online Experience: Is it easy to find the information you need on their website? Do they provide convenient online services such as online transactions, form submissions, access to doctor and hospital networks, etc?
  • Customer Care: How easy and quick is it to contact a customer care representative by phone, email, or chat? Do they answer your questions and concerns in the first call? How quickly do they get back to you? Is it easy to make a claim?
  • Policy: Be sure about what benefits and services are included in your plan, and also exclude the things you don’t really need at your current stage in life.
  • Costs: Evaluate the total financial cost, other than the monthly premium, and find out if you could be responsible for paying out-of-pocket for certain services. Pay special attention to exactly what is covered, so you avoid any surprises in the bill.

In the long run, great customer service can save you time and headaches. If you do your homework, you can get high-quality customized service without breaking the bank.