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A health insurer in the UK has launched a ‘multi-family’ product which allows one person to buy insurance for multiple family members. WPA say their Multi-Family Healthcare Plan is designed for grandparents to use their accumulated wealth to buy insurance for their family. Baby-boomer grandparents currently give €3.5 billion a year to their grandchildren, fund […]

New research has shown children in families who eat around the same table have less chance of growing up overweight or obese. The study, from the University of Minnesota and Columbia University, suggests a key factor in fighting obesity could be how often a family eats together. Researchers from the two universities compared data related […]

The controversial story in the news this month of the Australian couple who used a Thai surrogate to have twins threw a spotlight on surrogacy, particularly commercial surrogacy. Expat Family Health decided to take a closer look at surrogacy and how it is legally considered in different countries. There are two main types of surrogacy:

More than half of Canadian teenage smokers opt for flavoured tobacco products, despite many flavours being banned, reports a new study. The survey found among those teenagers who smoke, more than half prefer flavoured tobacco such as bubblegum, cherry, or watermelon. Researchers found that among students who reported smoking cigarettes in the 30 days prior […]

According to the Family Futures Survey from Lloyds International Private Banking, nearly two fifths (38%) of British people with children would consider a move abroad, with 45% citing their families as an incentive for the move. When questioned on their reasons behind considering a move overseas, bringing family closer together was named as a major […]

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is calling for a stronger global focus on adolescent health after releasing its report, Health for the World’s Adolescents. The report reveals depression is the predominant cause of disability and illness among boys and girls aged between 10 and 19. The top three causes of death for adolescents are traffic […]

Nearly one in seven Americans support the mandate that health insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) must provide birth control, according to a nationwide survey.  Researchers from the University of Michigan asked adults from all 50 states and the District of Columbia about universal coverage for birth control, which is being challenged in […]

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently drafted guidelines for drug companies wanting to engage on social media. Currently only around half of the 50 largest pharmaceutical companies have a social media presence. The reasons many drug companies shy away from engaging users and patients on social media are well-known. From anxiety over […]

A study from Sweden and Norway suggests being pregnant over the age of 30 may be riskier than previously thought. The results could change medical thinking about the definition of “older mothers”, report the Guardian The study of almost 1 million new mothers showed women aged 30 or older are at higher risk of having […]

Pacific Prime clients with Bupa International will be able to reap the benefits of changes to Bupa Worldwide Health Option and Premier Worldwide Health Option plans. The insurance provider is increasing the limits on maternity benefits for these two plans. Specifically, the maternity benefit for the Worldwide Medical Insurance option has expanded its coverage and […]

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