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Top expat family bloggers to follow (Source: photolibrary.com).

It’s never 100% smooth running moving from your home country to the unknown. However, it’s arguably even more of a challenge when its not just yourself moving, but the whole family. In this post, there is a selection of some fabulous expat family bloggers, giving great advice and sharing their adventures abroad.

Gringos Abroad is a blog designed to make your living abroad experience easier. Bryan and Dena are a Canadian family who have been living in Ecuador since 2009. They cover all sorts, from learning the native language to making a living abroad, and provide reviews on products. Their blog posts always provide helpful insights on topics such as home schooling your children abroad to the expat living costs of different countries. They even give advice on how to start your own expat blog.

Wagoners Abroad is an American family sharing their adventures both good and bad, provide travel tips and set out to inspire you to see the world. This American family (now living in Spain) clearly know what they are talking about when it comes to expat advice after visiting more than 40 countries over the last 20 years. The blog doesn’t only have a family friendly appeal, but it provides great expat services by writing reviews, recommendations, tips and local information on all sorts of destinations from Thailand to Mexico. They fill in a travel log so chances are they have/or are planning to visit a country which is of interest to you.

21st Century Mummy from the UK, a mother who once dreamed of becoming an expat, is now living that dream. What started off as a personal diary has now become a public blog. As a writer, mother and wife she has lived in several cities from Paris to Sydney, and now in Singapore. In 2013 she was named as one of the top 20 expats to follow on Twitter, so well worth a look. As well as tips about life in Singapore, this blog provides reviews as well as her parenting stories.

A Mum in London coming from Greece to London, this blog is easy on the eye and covers travelling to London with children, provides reviews on the lifestyle, tips on what you can do with your kids in London as well as how to spend your time there. Being chosen as a “Blog to Look Out for in 2014” this is a good blog choice for those of you living, or planning to live, in London.

Hopefully these expat family blogs will help you on your way with expat life. Let us know if you have your own expat blogs you would like to share with us!