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When choosing an international health insurance plan, the jargon used can make the whole process seem more than a little baffling. Here is a list of phrases that will be useful to know when researching your health insurance options. Co-payment (Co-pay) is a small fixed amount, determined by the health insurer, that the insured person must pay […]

It’s never 100% smooth running moving from your home country to the unknown. However, it’s arguably even more of a challenge when its not just yourself moving, but the whole family. In this post, there is a selection of some fabulous expat family bloggers, giving great advice and sharing their adventures abroad. Gringos Abroad is a blog […]

Widening the age range for breast cancer screening seems like a positive step forward at first glance; regular mammograms have the advantage of detecting cancer early so treatment can begin straight away, with the intention of saving more lives. As practical as it may sound, breast cancer screening isn’t as beneficial as it may seem, with […]

Last year a survey carried out on children’s well-being, indicated that Dutch children were the happiest in the world. Nevertheless, the 2014 Good Childhood Index crowns Macedonia ahead of the Netherlands as the home of the happiest children in the world this year. Countries not faring so well in the Good Childhood rankings include Turkey […]

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