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In developed countries a vast number of new drugs, experimental treatments and therapies are tested every day. In developing countries, it’s another story however. You may find that drugs which can be easily purchased over the counter in your home country, become a real struggle to find in your new country.

Whether you are attracted by the high annual salaries, relatively low living costs or tempted by the warmer climates, you would not be alone in the desire to relocate to Africa. For those seriously thinking about moving to live in Africa, there are two very important things to bear in mind:

Until quite recently, many expectant mothers have been avoiding doing any form of exercise through fears of harming their fetus. According to the study published by the International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (BJOG), staying in shape and keeping active (in moderation) during pregnancy will not harm your baby.

Human placentophagy, or the act of consuming the placenta, has been considered a sacred act for thousands of years in Asia and Africa. More recently, people have started to ingest this human organ in developed countries, particularly in European countries, due to supposed health benefits, including improved lactation capacities, the prevention of postnatal depression and […]

Save The Children, the international non-governmental organisation, recently published their 2015 Mother’s Index report which revealed the top countries for mothers to give birth. The report covers criteria such as: maternal health, children’s well-being, educational status, economic status and political status in order to rank the countries. The report shows that despite global health improvements […]

Pacific Prime, an international health insurance broker, have put together a report entitled “The cost of health insurance in top expat destinations”. This report compares the prices of three types of health insurance plans, i.e individual, couple and family plans, offered by 11 international insurance providers to calculate the average prices in the top 6 […]

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