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This week the Environmental Working Group began their #FightForChemicalSafety campaign for stricter laws regarding toxic substance control. There is an alarming number of carcinogens and other harmful substances currently being used in consumer products. A particular concern is the use of these chemicals in baby products. The delicate skin of a baby is at a far greater risk to […]

Shelves are stacked high with different supplements and vitamins but have you ever wondered how healthy or useful they actually are? To be honest, I have always been a little hesitant about taking supplements and vitamins. However, I decided to start taking Evonia vitamin capsules after they were recommended to me by a friend. These capsules are produced […]

Between 2010 and 2013, maternal and child death rates decreased in all the poorest 49 countries in the world, according to the U.N. report.  The U.N. launched the “Every Woman Every Child” (EWEC) initiative in 2010 and this resulted in a remarkable increase in oral rehydration therapy, exclusive breastfeeding and a further prevention of mother-child HIV […]

Did you know that out of all the EU countries, Denmark spends the most on social protection? But where does the money go? Denmark is renowned for looking after its residents by offering a combination of benefits: Child, social & education

To enter Angola, citizens of all countries except Namibia require a visa. As well as the usual prerequisites involved in applying for a visa (see the “Visa & Permits” section of the Angola guide for more information), health requirements are also an important factor. Angola is notorious for being a high risk country as many harmful diseases […]

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