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The annual HSBC Expat Explorer Survey has revealed the best and worst countries for raising children abroad. Looking at criteria such as access to better education, cost of childcare, and the opportunity to learn a new language, the survey found New Zealand is the best country for expats families in 2014. This result, based on […]

Since the global recession began in 2008 the number of children living in poverty in affluent countries has risen by 2.6 million, according to a report from UNICEF. In 23 of the 41 countries including in the study, poverty has jumped sharply. In Ireland, Greece, Croatia, Latvia, and Iceland rates rose over 50%. UNICEF, a […]

Last year a survey carried out on children’s well-being, indicated that Dutch children were the happiest in the world. Nevertheless, the 2014 Good Childhood Index crowns Macedonia ahead of the Netherlands as the home of the happiest children in the world this year. Countries not faring so well in the Good Childhood rankings include Turkey […]

With the new school year well under way for most, many parents will see their first cases of back-to-school colds, flus, and stomach upsets. As kids are coming into close contact with their peers again, their exposure to new viruses and bacteria increases. These illnesses help strengthen the immune system and build up resistance, it’s […]

With the school year starting in September for many, lots of children are already half-way through their summer holidays. For some parents this can be a blessing, but how can you make sure your little ones are ready to go back-to-school without a mad rush at the end of August? We offer eight tips on how […]

Waiting in a line at the airport, or being stuck in traffic when going on holiday is bad enough, throw in some impatient and bored kids and you could have a nightmare on your hands. Here are a few tips on how to keep your child busy during the trip. Portable DVD player   If […]

A study led by the San Diego University of Medicine in the United States found parents of overweight children seldom acknowledge the potential severity of the situation. Most are also unaware of the risks of childhood weight gain and of the benefits of daily exercise to reach and maintain a healthy weight. Lead author of […]

The annual Save the Children report, State of the World’s Mothers 2014, ranks 178 countries on several factors related to the well-being of both mothers and children. The top ten countries in 2014 are dominated by European entries, with Australia being the only non-European country, tied in ninth place with Belgium. The ten worst places […]

Children in the UK are more deprived and are at higher risk of death than those in other Western European countries, says a report from the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health. The study, Why Children Die, found 2,000 additional children die each year – five a day – compared with Sweden, the best […]

Out of 30 countries ranked in terms of youth well being, Australia takes the number one spot in a new study from the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). The Global Youth Wellbeing Index, in conjunction with the International Youth Foundation (IYF), focused on 40 indicators in six categories to measure the quality of […]

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