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The World Health Organization report has shown that life expectancy has increased to the age of 76 for both men and women – a vast improvement meaning that people in the European Region are living longer than ever before. Spain is the healthiest country in the WHO European Region, with women’s life expectancy now standing […]

Spain has the highest life expectancy in Europe, while economically stable Germany lags behind in 16th place. Although average life expectancy has extended to 76, the World Health Organisation (WHO) warned that in the future, life expectancy could decrease due to government cuts on health budgets. “One possible scenario that threatens the increase in life expectancy […]

International Women’s Day may have passed, but the messages do not. One prevalent health warning surfaced; cardiovascular diseases are on the rise amongst young women. The European Cardiology society is alerting women that they may be at a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) than they think. CVDs include heart diseases, strokes and heart attacks.

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