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Significant numbers of British expats live and work in the world’s top business centres. Yet typically around 50% of this group of well educated, generally senior level managers will have no international private medical insurance, whilst according to research produced by Mintel, up to 55% may be accompanied by their spouses and family. For a […]

Insurance coverage for maternity care is mandatory in most individual and small group plans under the Affordable Care Act, extending this coverage where it used to be rare. However, for mums-to-be who prefer the services of midwives and birthing centres there are no guarantees. Around 1 percent of births occur outside a hospital in the […]

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently drafted guidelines for drug companies wanting to engage on social media. Currently only around half of the 50 largest pharmaceutical companies have a social media presence. The reasons many drug companies shy away from engaging users and patients on social media are well-known. From anxiety over […]

Living abroad with your family, you’re likely to want comprehensive health insurance – having to pay astronomical bills after emergency treatment is simply not an option for most as this can wipe out years worth of savings in one go. Here we’ll tell you the five most important things to look out for when getting […]

Pacific Prime clients with Bupa International will be able to reap the benefits of changes to Bupa Worldwide Health Option and Premier Worldwide Health Option plans. The insurance provider is increasing the limits on maternity benefits for these two plans. Specifically, the maternity benefit for the Worldwide Medical Insurance option has expanded its coverage and […]

For expats, especially families, health care can be a concern when they move abroad. Expat Family Health interviewed Dr. Amanda Barry, an Australian expat who lives in Beijing, about her experience of healthcare in China and what insurance she chose. Amanda, tell us a bit about yourself. My husband and I moved to China about […]

Currently, in the individual and family health insurance market there is no standardization of medical services routinely covered in the United States. A variety of important services, varying in necessity and cost, are not included in the benefits of most insurance plans. Healthcare in the United States often appears quite daunting and expensive to expats […]

Since 2007 the topic of expats and health care has been a hot issue in France. The country has traditionally been very popular with expats, particularly those from the UK. Former President Nicolas Sarkozy expressed concerns that too many people were taking advantage of France’s free healthcare system and not contributing in return. Now legislation […]

The world of insurance can seem a scary place to the uninitiated. Health coverage, life insurance, premiums, co-payments, deductibles, the list goes on. All this insurance jargon can make shopping for and understanding your insurance plan very daunting. For expats and their families health insurance is usually a necessity, whether provided by your employer or […]

The average premium for a family in the United States in 2012 was $412 per month, a decrease of 0.5 percent from 2011. The results come from the annual report, The Costs and Benefits of Individual and Family Health Insurance, released by eHealth Inc. America’s largest private health insurer. The report also revealed individuals paid […]

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