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Being a doctor is a transferable skill, human bodies are the same regardless of nationality; so  treating someone in Kuala Lumpur is the same as treating them in Kigali. Apart from language barriers, it is still fairly easy for doctors to practice their profession in a foreign country. A UK politician recently revealed that her […]

World Heart Day is celebrated every year on 29 September with the aim of drawing attention to the issue of cardiac health. With 17.3 million deaths per year related to cardiac health problems, we need to start taking care of our heart. The roots of adult cardiovascular disease often stem from bad diets or inactivity […]

A US based pharmaceutical company has increased the price of one of its specialty drugs by 5,000%. In August, Turing Pharmaceuticals acquired Diaprim and raised the price from $13.50 per pill to $750 overnight. The cost to produce each pill is around $1. This massive increase has caused widespread consternation amongst the pharmaceutical community along […]

This week an earthquake with a magnitude of 8.3 struck off the coast of Chile, tremors could be felt as far as Buenos Aires, Argentina. The quake that hit near the coastal town of Coquimbo resulted in 20 people being injured and 10 losing their lives. One million people have been evacuated.   However advanced […]

Safeguarding your children’s health is one of the major concerns for parents today. Giving your children the right food is key to ensuring they grow strong and healthy. It is so difficult knowing which foodstuffs are best, especially when there is so much conflicting information out there. Often advertisers play on parental health concerns with […]

There is no greater tragedy than losing a child but imagine the anguish if that death could have been prevented. The development of powerful vaccines and immunisation programmes means that no parent need fear losing their child to mumps, rubella or measles ever again. Immunisation is a powerful tool in the fight against childhood mortality […]

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