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I’ve said it before, and I will say it a million times again, moving abroad is not easy. Not only are you leaving behind everything you know, but also everyone you care about and everything you have worked for. The great news is that new adventures, friends and life experiences are waiting for you at […]

Internations recently released their second edition of the ‘Expat Insider’ – an extensive survey involving 14,000 expats across the globe to find out which countries are the top destinations for expats. The survey takes an in-depth look at five key categories which contribute to a truly epic expat experience: quality of life; ease of settling […]

Hey, Dads, thank you for taking care of us! Often mothers are rewarded for parenthood, while fathers are disguised as the silly, fun ones who kick a football and show children how to change a flat tire. But fathers are the unsung heroes of life abroad, because really, where would we be without them and […]

The expat community are arguably at a greater risk of developing mental or psychological problems linked to mental health. According to a study on expats living in the US, 50% were at a higher risk of mental problems, such as anxiety and depression, than their US counterparts.

I remember the day I decided I would stop eating. This particular event will be forever ingrained in my memory. My friend had come over and I was desperately trying to avoid the smoothie glass she was pushing in my face – all I could see were calories going down my throat. 150, 200, maybe even more, […]

Did you know that out of all the EU countries, Denmark spends the most on social protection? But where does the money go? Denmark is renowned for looking after its residents by offering a combination of benefits: Child, social & education

It’s never 100% smooth running moving from your home country to the unknown. However, it’s arguably even more of a challenge when its not just yourself moving, but the whole family. In this post, there is a selection of some fabulous expat family bloggers, giving great advice and sharing their adventures abroad. Gringos Abroad is a blog […]

A European report released last month analyses one the most talked-about measurements in the media, happiness. Happiness scales are fast becoming a respected measure of well-being in a country, equal to wealth and power. The European Quality of Life Survey puts Scandinavian countries at the top of the happiness charts, with other northern European countries […]

According to the Family Futures Survey from Lloyds International Private Banking, nearly two fifths (38%) of British people with children would consider a move abroad, with 45% citing their families as an incentive for the move. When questioned on their reasons behind considering a move overseas, bringing family closer together was named as a major […]

Employees sent abroad with their families are the most likely expatriate group to access healthcare abroad, according to a new survey from the National Foreign Trade Council (NFTC). Over 90% of families on assignment access care, compared with 64% of single expats. Unsurprisingly, expats with families who either move with them or stay at home […]

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