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Sexual health is important for everyone, anywhere in the world; different attitudes, behaviours, norms and laws exist meaning that for many people it remains a taboo. With that in mind, and the fact that 1 million curable STIs are passed on globally every day, it is in everyone’s interest to look after their sexual health.

World Heart Day is celebrated every year on 29 September with the aim of drawing attention to the issue of cardiac health. With 17.3 million deaths per year related to cardiac health problems, we need to start taking care of our heart. The roots of adult cardiovascular disease often stem from bad diets or inactivity […]

There is no denying that water is the elixir of life; without it, there would be nothing. Despite the speed at which our society is evolving, sometimes we forget the most basic instincts of survival, such as drinking water. In the 90s, people in the United States were drinking more soda, beer and wine than […]

I was born and (partly) raised in Mexico City, declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the dirtiest city in the world in 1992. Throughout the 90s, I remember “lockdown” days being a frequent feature on the news meaning that we were highly recommended not to be outdoors and to stick to short commutes. […]

This week an earthquake with a magnitude of 8.3 struck off the coast of Chile, tremors could be felt as far as Buenos Aires, Argentina. The quake that hit near the coastal town of Coquimbo resulted in 20 people being injured and 10 losing their lives. One million people have been evacuated.   However advanced […]

Everyone loves a holiday, and if your Instagram or Facebook feed is anything to go by, everyone is constantly on one. In reality, however, not everybody is blessed with this opportunity and it’s taking a serious toll on our health. People who aren’t able to jet off into the sunset at least once a year, […]

We live in a world where information is easily accessible with the internet at our fingertips and more often than not we tend to believe everything we read (but don’t take my word for it!). I know that I am a doctor’s nightmare, one of those patients who immediately checks the web trying to figure out if I am […]

There is no greater tragedy than losing a child but imagine the anguish if that death could have been prevented. The development of powerful vaccines and immunisation programmes means that no parent need fear losing their child to mumps, rubella or measles ever again. Immunisation is a powerful tool in the fight against childhood mortality […]

Health insurance can be an expensive investment – though not having it can be even more expensive – especially when living abroad. Your family’s health and safety is important, which is why looking at different companies, comparing them, and finding what suits you best is a key element when doing your research. Before you purchase […]

In developed countries a vast number of new drugs, experimental treatments and therapies are tested every day. In developing countries, it’s another story however. You may find that drugs which can be easily purchased over the counter in your home country, become a real struggle to find in your new country.

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